Monday, October 28, 2013

Another Corner of the house: our Bar Cart

Happy Monday everyone!  I'm starting the week off by sharing another finished area with you…..this little corner of our dining room.  While I love the idea of having a bar cart in the living room area, with a one year old, it's flirting with disaster.  I'm not big on mixed drinks (I save that splurge for special occasions and holidays), but it is nice to have this cart on hand for entertaining and Red loves a weekend cocktail.  This vintage bar cart, believe it or not, was a $60 craigslist find.  We got it before we even moved into the house, it has just taken me a while to style and post about it.  My brother's friends brought us this orchid for hosting them last weekend, and it seemed just the thing to complete the area.  Plants and flowers are so underrated in my book.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Favorites- the beautiful and unrelated

It's been a fun and crazy month for us- two weekend 10hr (one way) road trips, and lots of company.  This weekend we have plans to wind down, finally finish our dining table, and do some local exploring.  Cheers and here are my Friday favorites:

Kate's (of Wit & Delight) kitchen.....that rug!

This abstract art piece (via Elle Decor Spain)

and these links:

This made me laugh
This house is just stunning
Five amazing savory pumpkin and butternut squash recipes
Family-friendly vacation rental site
Another Fall treat to try
This artwork
An interview with Annie Sloan
A world record time for a half marathon by a six year old (wow).  Thoughts?
Finally there are affordable fiddle leaf fig trees
Last weekend, my brother visited with some friends for his Fall break- this recipe was a major hit
Prague in the Fall
How to paint Ikea furniture

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Natural Light

When we moved to Indy and I realized the likelihood of us buying a newer house versus an older home, I made a list of things that were important to me (aside from charm) to help in our search.  At the top of that list was natural light.  Because to me, there is something so peaceful about light coming through my windows as I drink my morning coffee.  It brightens my mood, and I feel less cooped up on days that I don't get out of the house.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Homecrest Chair

I'm skipping my usual Friday Favorites to talk about the homecrest chair.  I have had a major crush on this thing for a while now, and craigslist has once again come to my aid.  On our way home from Michigan, Red kindly made a stop in Chicago to make my chair dreams come true.  We have been married for seven years now, and I'm still surprised by how nice he is to me.  I'm not sure I would be so nice.....we had an unhappy one year old in the back seat, forgot about the time change and had to wait a good forty minutes, and then to top it off he had to tie it on the roof of our car in the middle of downtown Chicago.  It didn't go to waste though, because I love this chair, and I'm especially loving that our version came with an ottoman.

Here it is in Elise of Pennyweight's home via Design Sponge.

And again in Victoria of sfgirlbybay's home.....which coincidently looks similar to mine (probably the other way around) with the rug/homecrest chair combination.

and mine with the reindeer hide we bought on our trip to Norway this summer.  I still need to work on styling this corner of our living room.....not to mention I would love to exchange the beige carpet for some wood floors.  A work in progress though, right?    

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bringing Fall inside

I admit I'm not a huge Halloween decor lover,  the images that come to mind are tacky and usually plastic.  Fall decor on the other hand.....I love Fall decor.  Here are some things I'm finding inspiring for my home this Fall:      

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our Weekend in Michigan

We got back last night from our weekend in the UP, and I am still amazed at the natural beauty we saw there.  I had heard that Lake Superior's waters were a beautiful turquoise, but I admit I was still surprised by the color.  We rented this little cabin in the woods and enjoyed low key breakfasts on the deck in the morning, and at night we sat around the campfire roasting hotdogs and eating s'mores.  It was the perfect weekend for taking a break from everyday life and enjoying Fall with our best buds.        

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Favorites

Today we are skipping town to rent a cabin in Michigan with my cousin and her husband.  Four years ago, they came to visit us in Washington and we had such a good time together that it has become a sort of Fall tradition.....wherever Red and I may be living.  Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend enjoying this crisp air, see you next week.  Until then, here are some of my favorites from this week:      

This Kitchen
These doors
This entire house

And these links:
Halloween Fashion Icons
Pendant lights from blown glass
DIY ombre wall
These slippers
Decor for those who hate halloween
This book
Adorable DIY playhouses
I love this Fall romper
DIY swinging lamp
Tips for choosing your red wine

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Healthy Living Post: the Dessert edition

My friend Christy first introduced me to this treat.  I fell in love with how light (and simple) it was and yet it satsified my sweet cravings.  I forgot about it for a couple years and rediscovered it last week while we had company.  It's doubtful I'll forget it again.    

-mixed berries
-mascarpone cheese
-chopped walnuts
-flavored honey ( I used a blackberry honey from our local creamery)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dream.....When You're Feeling Blue

Dream....that's the thing to do......   
I've been humming that song the entire time putting this post together.  Catchy.  It so happens that along with my usual love for the color, I have been especially drawn to this indigo shade lately.  Cool tones in general have a calming effect on me, and indigo is proving to be no exception.  

Friday, October 4, 2013

Beautiful and Unrelated: Friday Favorites

You may have noticed I have been a bit absent here....I have had a good friend in town and I always like to take a break from the blog for the people in my life.  It has been a wonderful week, filled with exploring and Fall activities and late night chats.  I'll be back in full swing next week, until then here are my Friday links:

This house
This bedroom
This workspace

and these links:

Fabric Tasssels
How adorable is the styling of Zara's Mini lookbook?
Vacation rentals yet run like hotels?  I'm intrigued by this.
A white chalkboard wall
This Ikea hack
Best non-alcoholic beers for you pregnant girls
This is pretty much sums it up for me
A guide to fancy pie crusts
Oyoy's Fall Catalogue
8 tips for entertaining for a weekend
Natural ways to flavor your coffee
Seriously?  Poor kid.
This house tour