Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY Christmas Garland

As promised, today I'm bringing you an easy Christmas DIY.  After being inspired by this image from Rue's Holiday issue,  I decided to try my hand at a garland.  I used the (free) clippings from the Christmas tree farm where we got our tree, floral wire, and wire cutters.  Though I realize a lot of people prefer to buy faux garlands so that they don't have to bother year after year, I love the natural imperfect look of this one.  Not only that, but our house smells fantastic and it cost only $2!  This might just become a yearly tradition.

1. My supplies:

2.  I overlapped pieces and connected them with the floral wire.  Make sure that all pieces are going in the same direction.

3.  Once the garland is up, trim off awkward pieces, and add more branches to bare areas.  Remember, it's supposed to look organic.....not perfect:).