Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Sleigh Bells

First off, congratulations to Mindy on winning last week's giveaway!  Thank you to everyone else for your sweet comments and interest in my blog.  It really means a lot to hear from my readers. 

Secondly, I'm very excited about this little DIY that happened last week.  I have this weird nostalgia about sleigh bells, because my parent had one on the front door of their house.  As a little girl, it was one of my favorite things to hear the bells during the Christmas season as neighbors and friends came in and out of our home.  Since having my own home, I have been on the lookout for a good priced leather one, but they all started at $100.  Once again, this year I came across this one while browsing Terrain's online shop for inspiration.  It was $128 (it's since been lowered to $96).  That's how this DIY came to be- and I spent a whopping $2.50.  Not bad, right?

1.  The only thing I bought was this container of bells from my local craft store.  I used an (old) man's belt we had in the back of our closet.....I'm sure you could also find one at your local thrift store. 
 What you will need:  an old belt, wire, wire cutters, hammer & nail and/or drill  for the bigger hanging holes), twine, something to cut the leather (I used a wood chisel)

2.  I hammered a new hole close to each pre-existing belt hole.  Then I tied each bell with small pieces of wire.  I added a few more pairs of holes as needed.  

3.  I liked the diagonal cut of the Terrain belt, so I did the same.  Instead of using leather pieces to hang the belt I braided twine to add texture.....but if you would like to use leather strips it would be as easy as going to your craft store.  That's it!