Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thankful Tree

I know, I know.  It's mid-November and I'm a little late on doing a thankful tree for Thanksgiving.  But instead of saying it's too late, I'm going to encourage anyone else (who November snuck up on) to make their own.  My cousin has done a thankful tree for the past couple years, and I love the idea.  This was honestly even more meaningful to me than I anticipated it to be.  There is something about writing down on paper the things you are grateful for (in my case 50) and really giving them a lot of thought.  This would be a good everyday practice, not one just reserved for Thanksgiving.  From big things (my faith) to small (family dance sessions in the kitchen), it was fun coming up with my list.  What are you grateful for? 

Ps.  You may notice we finally decided on just using a poly for our DIY table and going a more rustic/natural route…..just in time for the holidays.   I'm almost ready to share our dining room with you...


  1. I will be incorporating this into my holiday regimen. I just love this idea!! Thank you!


  2. Heather, I just saw this post yesterday. I guess something must be in the water, because I blogged about my own version of a thankful tree a couple weeks ago, and they look so similar!! I even gave my post the same title as yours :) In case you were wondering, though, I wasn't trying to copy your idea without crediting you—it was pure coincidence. (Although your work is definitely worth imitating!) Hope you are doing well, enjoying the Christmas season...

    1. Ha don't worry Joy, I wouldn't think that! I'm pretty sure there are tons of Thankful trees floating around the internet:). We probably just have similar taste! Hope you also are doing well….I always enjoy catching up on your blog:).

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  4. This is beautiful! I've seen the idea before but didn't like the way it looked. I really like the way you did it though, and am thinking I will want to attempt one next year :)