Sunday, December 1, 2013

DIY Advent Calendar and Free Printable

For the past couple years I have been wanting to make my own advent calendar, and I almost missed my chance again this year.  In case you are like me and the first day of December habitually creeps up on you (this year was extra quick with Thanksgiving being so late in the month, right?), here is my easy Advent calendar.   I took out my sketch pad yesterday and made this simple design, scanned it onto my computer, and printed it onto paper bags from my printer.  Here is the printable, if you care to make your own.  I also made another garland from our Christmas tree trim like this one from last year.
*Hint- I printed on the side without a crease, and taped down the flaps before putting it through the printer.  We also found that it worked best for the printer to tape the bag to a piece of paper.