Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Art in Five Minutes

When Red was deployed to Iraq for a year, I wrote him daily.  He wasn't able to write as often, because he put in a lot of long hours (and that's no exaggeration...18 hour days with no days off!). However, when I did get a letter from him….it made my month. I would save it for bed and read it over and over again, it felt so wonderful to hold something that he had recently touched. Anyways, I once saw a letter that was enlarged to poster size and framed. I loved the idea….minus the fact that I'm way to private to do that with a personal note from Red. So, the idea came to me to scan one of the envelopes from our correspondence and enlarge it for framing. I used some textured paper from my local craft store, and was pleased with how it turned out. I love that the envelope has the APO address with the "free mail" stamp that I remember looking for in the mail. These envelopes were (and are) so precious to me, and when I look at this "art piece" I am reminded of that year a part, and how blessed we are to be doing life together.  

                   You could also do it with a letter that isn't too personal for framing, such as this: