Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Office Shelves get a face lift

Hey there!  I'm still here, I promise:), just enjoying this Summer weather with my family…..maybe too much.  Today I'm excited to share with you a corner of our office that you haven't seen yet…..and for good reason.  Up until now, it has been less than noteworthy.  A few months ago, we put up some simple shelves with brackets from Lowe's and wood I stained, because we desperately needed some organization since Connor works from home a decent amount.  It didn't need to be pretty, just to serve a purpose.  I had resigned myself to being ok with the shelves not being my first choice because we just needed some practical organization.  A couple months went by, and I was still not pleased with them.  They looked too cold and industrial next to the lockers, and I felt there had to be a cheap solution.  Then one day I saw some gorgeous brass brackets from Anthropologie and fell in love.  Knowing Connor would appreciate not spending a lot of money on something as simple as brackets (that wasn't even in a main area of our house), I opted to spray painting the brackets.  I couldn't be more pleased with the end result, and while it helps that I got around to actually styling the shelves (ha), the gold brings a lot of warmth to this corner of the office. 
Also, yesterday I was a guest over on the SiebFam blog, thanks for having me Alyssa!
The before:
The After: