Monday, June 20, 2011

Blend Away

Secrets of a Stylist has been picked up for another season and promises to be better than ever, starting July 9th. One of the main reasons I love the show is that Emily does an incredible job of blending styles to the point where you don't even notice. Most of us cannot be pinned down to one design aesthetic, and Emily makes it ok. Although I appreciate different styles, the mix I always come back to is Moroccan meets mid-century. This has taken me a lot of time and mistakes to figure out. Through those mistakes I have found appreciating different aesthetics does not mean that you can live with them. Clutter and nick-nacks stress me out. Period. That's where I get the mid-century modern clean lines. The Moroccan (or global) comes in with textiles aged woods, and lanterns. Thank you Emily for making it ok. If you're visual like me, here's what I mean.
Ps. Completely unrelated, but have you guys seen Dual Survival? I'm normally not a sucker for survivor shows, but this one is hilarious. It's about a die-hard hippie and ex army guy who are together put in difficult situations and have to make their way out. The kicker and truly hilarious part is that the hippie is always barefoot (jungle, swamp, or desert), has two long braids and wears turquoise jewelry. Just seeing these two guys interact is so great.