Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A modern take on a Tuscan bedroom

I had to actually look at the date of my last post to see the last time I had blogged. Not good, but not without reason! Life has been a whirlwind of activity including a new job for Connor, putting our house on the market, soaking up time with friends before goodbyes, cramming in those last minute doctor appointments, packing, relocating… get it. My days have been full- and all of that in a matter of a few short weeks. But here I find myself in the DC area for the next few months, and without my house to work on. I'm not sure if it was for her benefit or that she saw that I desperately needed a project, but my mother in law has come to my rescue and asked me to re-design her bedroom. (Speaking of which- I'm open for business in the Northern VA/DC area if you need a room designed or need some help with an unfinished corner of your house.)
About that bedroom- remember in the 90s when everyone's parents was going with a Tuscan theme for their kitchen which then seeped into their whole house? I'm taking about the FAUX PAINT guys. Remember that? Well, I'm shooting for something more authentic. I'm picturing a simple room with linen, natural elements, rattan, wood, leather, plants, and a lot of white. My in-laws prefer contemporary over farmhouse, so the room will reflect that. 
Here's my inspiration board for the room, and shoot me an email if you are in the DC area and would like some design help!
1. bud vase tray
2. nightstand
3. pillows
4. tray
5. rug
6. linen throws
7. lighting
8. leather chair
9. mirror

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Green on a Tuesday

Typically, I'm drawn to shades of blue when it comes to adding color to my otherwise black and white palette. Occasionally, I'll add in a dusty pink. But lately I have been noticing myself pinning images and art filled with green. I'm going to blame it on this gorgeous wallpaper Emily Henderson is using for her baby's nursery- because ever since I first spied it, I've been thinking of ways to incorporate the color into my home.

This combination of the pink lounge chairs and the green water kills me:


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

To Loaf

Every year around this time I try really hard not to think about fall and enjoy the remainder of my summer….and every year I fail miserably. I just love it all- the crisp weather, the colors, the layers….everything about it appeals to me. Normally I'm all about boots and booties as the temperatures start to drop, but this year I'm finding myself more and more drawn to loafers. Here are some of my favorites in all price ranges (the Vince ones being my favorite and out of my budget….but inspiration none the less):


Monday, July 27, 2015

Perfectly Imperfect 60th Birthday Party

My parents both turned sixty last winter just weeks before I had Charlie, and my siblings and I decided we would take a rain check and celebrate at the beach when we would all be together (three of the four of us living out of town). So we exchanged numerous emails, shared ideas, and tried our best to put together a special dinner for my parents.  So that's what we did. We told my parents to get lost for a few hours and threw tablecloths over those rickety beach tables. In a way, this party was very symbolic of my point of view with this blog….to work with what you have and create something special out of something ordinary. We had ugly beach chairs to work with, battled the wind, and used blenders as water pitchers….but seeing my parents beaming faces when they came to the table and watching my mom sneak those cards (that we wrote favorite memories on) into her pocket, I was reminded how important it is to take the time to celebrate the ones you love . Happy birthday dad and mom, six months late:).

Monday, July 13, 2015

House Tour: In Black & White

There are few home tours that feel more "me" than this one. From the moment I saw it featured over on Design Sponge ,  I felt immediately right at home. The mixtures of modern and charm, midcentury and Parisian, Moroccan tile floor and marble backsplash, and all that matte black….you know that had me instantly. Coincidentally, I've also been on the lookout for some old theater seats like they have in their entryway and I'm fairly certain that is the exact chandelier I originally wanted for our dining room (before I had to settle on a DIY). All I can say is, this brownstone is a dream….and I tried to boil it down to just a few favorite shots and I couldn't, so here you have it:  

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

You guyssss, I've been in summer mode over here. Aside from the fact that all I've wanted to do is explore and enjoy the summer with my family, I've also had a major lack of inspiration. I don't think it benefits anyone for me to blog when that happens, but the good news is that I'm feeling my creativity returning, and I have a couple projects coming up that I'm excited about. Thanks for hanging around, and here are some of things catching my eye this Friday!

This beautiful staircase transformation

This pretty bathroom (and you know I love the black tub)

and these links:

This will make your feet tingle
DIY printed pillow covers
This tissue crown 
Black doors
This party shop
These ceramics
Pear crisps with gorgonzala & walnuts
Genius (maybe OCD) tool for packing underwear
This roundup of online kids shops
I bought this kaftan for the beach and absolutely love it