Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A modern take on a Tuscan bedroom

I had to actually look at the date of my last post to see the last time I had blogged. Not good, but not without reason! Life has been a whirlwind of activity including a new job for Connor, putting our house on the market, soaking up time with friends before goodbyes, cramming in those last minute doctor appointments, packing, relocating… get it. My days have been full- and all of that in a matter of a few short weeks. But here I find myself in the DC area for the next few months, and without my house to work on. I'm not sure if it was for her benefit or that she saw that I desperately needed a project, but my mother in law has come to my rescue and asked me to re-design her bedroom. (Speaking of which- I'm open for business in the Northern VA/DC area if you need a room designed or need some help with an unfinished corner of your house.)
About that bedroom- remember in the 90s when everyone's parents was going with a Tuscan theme for their kitchen which then seeped into their whole house? I'm taking about the FAUX PAINT guys. Remember that? Well, I'm shooting for something more authentic. I'm picturing a simple room with linen, natural elements, rattan, wood, leather, plants, and a lot of white. My in-laws prefer contemporary over farmhouse, so the room will reflect that. 
Here's my inspiration board for the room, and shoot me an email if you are in the DC area and would like some design help!
1. bud vase tray
2. nightstand
3. pillows
4. tray
5. rug
6. linen throws
7. lighting
8. leather chair
9. mirror