Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY Barn Wood Shelf

A few months ago, I came across these beautiful pieces of old barn wood and they instantly caught my eye.  Right away, I knew they would make a perfect shelf for R's room.  Since then the barn wood has been sitting in her closet waiting to be put to use.  Part of the problem was that I could not figure out how I wanted to hang it.....I was leaning towards leather straps, but could not decide on a color that looked just right.  Then, this weekend, we were on an errand at Home Depot and I saw this rope and I knew it was right.  Something so simple...... but for me, usually the brainstorming process is the longest part of a DIY.  Anyways, here is my little DIY barn wood shelf:  
The two pieces of barn wood fit together perfectly, so this made the job a little easier.  We added some wood glue though, just in case.  Then, as you can see we screwed on the metal brackets to secure the two pieces of wood.    
Then we simply drilled holes on either side and added our rope.  SO simple.
*For anyone wondering- the bookends are from Target about six months ago.....and I don't think they were meant to be bookends, because they were super cheap (and we all know bookends are never cheap).  The R pillow is mom helped me sew that for R's first birthday, and one of my dear friends made the long pillow for R.  All other sources you can find on the nursery post here.


  1. so clever! and a fun way to add color here.

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