Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Simple DIY Valentines Napkins

As I've mentioned here before, Red's birthday is on Valentines Day.  All the way back to when we first started dating, we have celebrated Valentines Day over a special breakfast and then the rest of the day is treated primarily as Red's birthday.  Needless to say, it's a fun day over here.   However, since our Valentine celebration is limited to breakfast,  I like to put extra thought into it.  Homemade things always add a special touch, don't you think?  

Last year, I decorated these old mugs with a favorite poem.  There will be homemade hot chocolate and  homemade heart shaped marshmallows again this year.

This year, I turned my attention to making some cute napkins for our table out of some old fabric.  I preferred to keep mine simple, but you can add more to it.
All you need?  Fabric paint, a stencil or cookie cutter, fabric, and a paint brush.  Personally, I don't mind imperfections (you could just go out and buy some Valentines napkins if you want it perfect), but I used a cookie cutter to keep the shape consistent.  I also think using a paint brush vs. the paint bottle keeps it from looking like the t-shirts I used to make in middle school:). 
 *What are your Valentines Day traditions?  I'm definitely planning on getting up extra early with Red so we can enjoy a quiet breakfast before R wakes this year….


  1. I love how you make Valentine's Day special for the two of you, and still make it a special birthday for "Red".
    I must say, having a baby on Valentine's day changed the way we celebrated this romantic holiday. It was all about the birthday! And I'm glad it was all about him. He was a joy and a delight, and the day was so much fun; we have wonderful memories of celebrating the birth of this precious son! But now that birthdays are celebrated from far away, we're learning to make it a romantic evening for the two of us.
    You're a wonderful wife, Heather, and we're blessed to call you our daughter.