Friday, December 28, 2018

2018 Favorites

Hey friends, it's been a while. While I've been working on the new website, I've been putting this blogging gig on hold. But I've decided to attempt to do both, and hope to share the new site with you soon. Until then, I wouldn't dream of missing the yearly wrap of all my favorite things from 2018. It was so cathartic last year, that I'm officially making it "a thing".
I would be remiss to not start with my favorite design work of 2018. While most of my projects are in the "halfway there" stage, I did finish my in-laws sunroom this summer (which I'm realizing now I never officially shared on the blog, I'll blame it on the pregnancy for now).

I also finished the girls' room, and did a collaboration with Stencilit to create a stencil for the girls' wall. This is still one of my favorite rooms!

Last, but not least- I designed Eleni's nursery! Official post with all the details coming soon- I promise.

And now for my other favorites from the year:

Beauty Finds

-This mineral water for removing make-up. I'm still using the same bottle I bought in April and it gets EVERYTHING off.
-The Ordinary Caffeine Solution - I put it around my eyes at night, and it has drastically made an improvement on my puffy eye syndrome. It's also under $7 a bottle!
-The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid- This might be my favorite product of the year. It does wonders for keeping my skin hydrated during the day. I put it on after my cleanser and before my cream, and you can't beat the price point.
-Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer- Between this and the caffeine solution, it keeps my face from looking as tired as I feel. Seriously though- this is the best concealer I have found to date. Love this stuff.
- Mac Mineralize Skinfinish- I love how light this powder is, while I definitely want my face to have the hydrated dewy look- I also don't want to look like I just finished a workout. This does that perfectly.
- L' Occitane Almond Shower oil - Last winter, my skin was uncomfortably dry and I could not stop itching. After some hesitation (because it is expensive) I purchased this and loved it. It smells absolutely amazing, and just like oil cleansing my face leaves me feeling hydrated, this does wonders for my dry and itchy arms/legs. This is a great yearly stocking stuffer (a tad late on that suggestion, I know).

Thanks to pregnancy insomnia, 2018 was a big year for me in the books department. I read 20 books, which I realize is a small number for a lot of people, but for the girl who was not reading at all a couple years ago- I was very excited about this. (I also started a book club this year, which has been super fun.)  Here are my top favorites:

-Defending Jacob- I could not put this book down. Absolutely loved this one.
-Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine- I wasn't sure about this one in the beginning, but within a couple chapters I completely fell in love with the main character and could not put this one down either.

Self Help (ps. I hate the title of this category)
--Big Magic - Anyone who considers themselves a creative (really everyone , because you are even if you don't consider yourself one) should read this, and then reread this.
-Essentialism- This book might have had the biggest impact on me. It's like minimalism for your life- cutting out what does not align with who you want to be/ or what you want to accomplish with your life. I checked this out at the library, and after reading it decided that I needed one for my shelf.

Child Whisperer- I was initially turned off by the awful cover (it really is horrible), and some of the wording. It categorizes (which I was initially unsure of) kids/people into one of four "energies" and gives helpful tips on how to reach them as the individuals that they are and what they uniquely need from you as a parent. It quickly won a place on my shelf  because it was shockingly spot on with both of my girls.

I have to say, I haven't been as into podcasts this year. I'm extremely picky when it comes t podcasts.....and mostly I enjoy certain episodes without being a subscriber to entire podcasts. That said, here are my favorites from this year:

The Style Matters Podcast- designer interviews which I really enjoyed. This is probably the big one of 2018 for me.
The Second Life- Hillary Kerr interviews business women who have made career changes, and I find it completely interesting.

I'm also still loving these from last year: How I built this, the Simple Show, and Happier with Gretchun Rubin, the Bible Binge (when I need a laugh).

Well, that's a wrap! As always, thanks for following along on here in 2018, I am so grateful for all of you. I have a lot of exciting plans for my website and business for 2019, and look forward to sharing more with you all! Happy New Year!