Friday, October 19, 2018

Dark & Moody Vibes

I like to think of this little corner of the internet as my good understanding friend. Though I never intended to take an extended break from the blog, its comforting to know that at the end of the day, it's still here to pick up where I left off. And while it may seem as though I got pregnant and dropped off the face of the earth design-wise, I have actually been working more (and harder) than ever on projects for clients, personal projects, workshops, and re-branding (coming soon!). I had hoped to have a big project to share with you or a new site by the time this blog post rolled around, but as the saying goes- "some things take time".  I thought instead I would share with you one space that I am especially excited to share in the coming months.

It's a moody den in this gorgeous Victorian house north of Boston. The client's of this home have exceptional taste and are willing to make some risks that the average client on a tight budget is not. Lucky for me, I am working on the whole house. It's fun and exciting, and is going to be a show stopper.  Here is the moodboard for the room:

While there are elements we have changed in this room out of necessity (ceiling height, availability, etc.), this is still the general style direction. My goal is to keep/enhance the Victorian charm while adding modern pieces for an eclectic "old library" feel. Here are some pictures that have served as inspiration for the project:

Ps. It's good to be back.