Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Design and Its Place in the World

As I continue with this blog, I often struggle with how insignificant interior design is in the grand scheme of life. Don't get me wrong, I love it- it's my hobby and I enjoy it as an art. But when I watch shows where people act like it's life or death if they get the right curtains or have the perfect look I shudder inside. Come on! Really? Are they completely clueless to the world around them? Not to give a pep talk, but I want to be a person who enjoys design and fashion while at the same time having a sort of humble gratitude realizing it's not vital for life. I don't ever want it to be all consuming or to define me as a person. When I hear about tragedies in the world- Japan, Haiti, shootings in Norway, American soldiers being killed this past weekend, wildfires in New Mexico, Tornados in Oklahoma/Missouri, there's a part of me that thinks "why am I doing this blog? There are people dying , sick, and lost..........and I'm writing about how to make your homes pretty?". In the face of real life and real personal tragedies, it feels shallow. But, I think as long as I struggle with this, I'm headed in the right direction. Life is not about consuming more and more things and I want to emphasize that while at the same time enjoying the gift that life is. Let's keep it real folks.
I was ranting about this with my sister-in-law a week or so ago and she suggested I write about it, so blame her (kidding) if you were disappointed with today's post. I am however, adding a pretty picture of a Moroccan interior for you to make up for it.
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  1. Good thoughts, Heather. As an entertainment producer, I've asked myself these questions many times! I would point out that your design is not just for you - every time your husband comes home, or you have friends over, or you take a picture and post it online, you are creating an oasis for others as well. Just as there's more to life than pretty houses, there is more to life than death and war. We need a little of both!

  2. very true Cortney, It's a balancing act!