Thursday, March 29, 2012

Today's Inspiration: Morrison Hair

Once upon a time (5 1/2 yrs ago), I moved to Oklahoma and got a mullet. True story. Red and I had just finished our first military move to Oklahoma and were adjusting to country life after growing up outside of DC. New to the area, a friend had recommended a salon to me (in her defense, her hair looked great) and I headed out for a "trim". An hour after sitting in the chair, and I had a mullet. There was no denying it.......even Red agreed he had never seen such a distinguished mullet. I gave him the scissors and he cut off two inches of my "rat tail". There was nothing to do but laugh, really. There were no tears.........I mean, I had a tail. It was more funny than anything. Long story short, finding a hair stylist has always been a top priority for me whenever we move (besides the whole house and church thing). And after that whole experience, Red even encourages me to drive however far it takes to find a good hair stylist.
Ps. I have the most amazing hair stylist in the Ft. Drum area if anyone is looking for one!
Imagine the salon where I got my mullet. Ok, Morrison Hair would be the exact opposite. The studio of Morrison Hair is a beautiful collaboration of Laure from At Home At Home and Morgan from The Brick House. It's hard to believe that these are pictures of a hair salon and not a beautiful house tour, because I would love to live here. Enjoy this mullet-free zone.
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