Monday, April 30, 2012

In Color

I usually shy away from displaying family photos in color.  It can look unpolished.  Although I will always be a fan of the classic black and white, certain photos demand color.....such as a couple of pictures of Red and I from our travels.  Pictures of beautiful landscapes and mountains seem to get lost in black and white.  Most gallery walls display color in artwork rather than photographs to avoid the danger of looking cheesy.  Here are some images that dare to break the mold, and they are inspiring.


  1. I didn't even realize till now that most of the gallery examples I saved on Pinterest were black and white pictures -- you are right that the color makes it look a little unpolished. I returned all my frames -- now the wall is bare again :( It taunts me saying I'm lonely hang pictures on me.

  2. Trial and error, I know I've been there! Start a moodboard for your room so you have direction before you begin the gallery wall, that always helps me when I'm stumped:)

  3. Just found your blog!
    I've always been the same way with colored prints, which is why I never print pictures! But I love all of these! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm at if you want to come check it out, thanks!

    - Meg