Saturday, May 26, 2012

This Memorial Day

All of the blogs are abuzz with what to wear this Memorial Day weekend and everyone is making plans for weekend trips/cookouts.  I can understand this, because I don't think I realized the weight of Memorial Day until the past few years when it became personal.  Run to Remember is an organization close to my heart.  Both my and Lisa's husband were deployed at the same time from Ft. Lewis, WA.  Though I didn't get to know her until a few months after her husband John passed, her strength and her story impacted me in more ways than I can say.  I went to a lot of Soldier homecomings that summer, and it was very real the number of guys who were not coming home.  This first picture is from the 2010 Rock n' Roll Seattle Marathon where I was able to be a part of Run to Remember and hold a flag representing a Fallen Soldier in the unit.   I stood next to a young widow my age holding her flag with her baby and stroller next to her, and we cheered as other widows ran for their husbands.  It was the most moving experience I have yet to be a part of (see the video here).  I have never been more proud of the sacrifices made for our country, past and present.  So this Memorial Day, I encourage you to take a moment......better yet run or walk a few miles and pledge here.  Get your family involved!   Also check out Lisa's story featured in Runner's World here.   Enjoy your weekend and see you Tuesday.