Monday, August 27, 2012

Guess Whose Coming to Dinner?

Inevitably, with the change of seasons around the corner, I find myself in organization mode.  This weekend I tackled our linen closet and I'm slowly working my way into our bedroom.  Though Red and I are both slightly OCD when it comes to organizing, I think there is something about having an order to things that makes everyday life simpler for everyone.  On that note, I bring to you one of my favorite sources of inspiration when it comes to this subject.....the lady behind Arianna Bell Organized Interiors . 

1. Background: how did you get started?At the time I started the blog I was working a corporate job in real estate valuations and was looking for a creative outlet for my interior design passion. I had been reading a few blogs (Elements of Style was the first I came across) and they inspired me to give it a go. I registered for a blogger account, played around with photoshop and html to create a decent looking blog design, and started posting.  I had no expectations of anyone reading or it becoming anything more than a fun hobby.  The shop I started after exploring a few different career paths and feeling unsatisfied.  I was determined not to settle until I found what felt in my gut was just right. I used what little money I had and started out very small to test out the waters.  As the orders started to come in, I used the profits to reinvest in the business and grow it. On September 25th it will be one year since I opened my virtual doors!

2. One person that inspires you- My mom. She is resilient, strong, smart, hardworking, wise, positive-minded and always loving. As an adult I've come to appreciate all the things, little and big, she's done for me that have shaped who I am. She inspires me to make her proud.

3. Your design aesthetic in three simple words: comfortable modern classic

4. Favorite part about your job: Having creative control and knowing that if I work hard the sky is the limit.

5.  The number one place you want to travel: My husband and I really want to travel to the Greek islands together. We're saving our pennies so that hopefully it'll happen in a few years! 

6.  Favorite/least favorite thing to organize:  Favorite: closets, Least favorite: paperwork

7. What is your best advice/tip for organizing? Keeping the end result in mind will help you get started and keep you going.  Remind yourself why you're organizing or want to organize. Usually it's to improve your quality of life.