Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scenes from My Weekend

Hello there, and a happy belated Veteran's Day.  I am forever grateful to the sacrifices made past and present....especially for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  May we never forget.  
My cousin and her husband came up for the weekend, and we could not have had more fun together.  Last year, we vacationed in Quebec with them, but this year we decided to explore stateside.  It's rare to have "couple" friends that we both get along with so well, and it's even more special to me that we're family.  A highlight for all of us was this gorgeous hike:

I also re-purposed an old purse to make myself a "grown-up" key chain.

After a year of being on the look-out, I finally found a tree stump suitable as a side table (and there's a good story behind it).  I realize I'm not breaking new ground here, but it's cheap and fits the bill.