Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Favorites and a Healthy Living Post

Fruit ice cream is by far, my favorite summer "dessert".  Best part?  The only ingredient is fruit.  I almost feel silly giving this an entire post because it is so simple.  We just cut up and freeze our favorite fruit (bananas, strawberries, pineapple, and mango are the regulars), and whenever we get a craving we run the frozen fruit through our juicer.  (Our juicer has a feature where we close up the screen that the pulp normally comes out of for juicing.)  The end result is a creamy texture that leaves everyone asking "just fruit?".  Of course, I'm also leaving you with some of my favorite links from the week....happy Friday! 
Ps.  Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway next week! 

This house has quite the view
The cutest baby shower
This would add some fun to my cleaning 
Another amazing barn-to-house transformation
Loving this jumpsuit
This camera strap DIY.....hoping I can make it happen before our upcoming trip
This Parisian flat....seriously.
I don't always love a chalkboard fridge, but this one is just great
Another darling nursery
Completely in love with this pillow


  1. what kind of juicer do you use?

    1. It's a Champion juicer......we were actually in Australia when we tried fruit ice cream for the first time. The lady proceeded to tell us that the juicer was made in California, ha! We had never seen that consistency in any other juicer before!

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