Friday, September 27, 2013

10 Fall Musts

Fall.  It's here and I'm just so happy about it....I only wish the weather would get cooler a little faster!  While most people get outdoors during the summer, Red and I tend to hibernate from the heat (minus beach/pool days).  So for us, Fall means much anticipated time outside.  If possible, I feel like cooler temperatures make me feel more alive.  And of course, it is the best running season.  Cheers to Fall!  Here are some things I hope to accomplish this Autumn:

1. Find a good butternut squash soup recipe
2. Make my own candle
3. Rent a cabin for the weekend
4. Get creative with pumpkin carving/decorating
5. Apple picking, followed by lots and lots of apple baking

1.  Host a bonfire and s'mores party
2.  Go biking downtown
3.  Make R a halloween costume
4.  Enjoy a low-key Fall picnic
5. Bake something equally sweet and horrible for you