Friday, October 4, 2013

Beautiful and Unrelated: Friday Favorites

You may have noticed I have been a bit absent here....I have had a good friend in town and I always like to take a break from the blog for the people in my life.  It has been a wonderful week, filled with exploring and Fall activities and late night chats.  I'll be back in full swing next week, until then here are my Friday links:

This house
This bedroom
This workspace

and these links:

Fabric Tasssels
How adorable is the styling of Zara's Mini lookbook?
Vacation rentals yet run like hotels?  I'm intrigued by this.
A white chalkboard wall
This Ikea hack
Best non-alcoholic beers for you pregnant girls
This is pretty much sums it up for me
A guide to fancy pie crusts
Oyoy's Fall Catalogue
8 tips for entertaining for a weekend
Natural ways to flavor your coffee
Seriously?  Poor kid.
This house tour