Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Favorites- the beautiful and unrelated

It's been a fun and crazy month for us- two weekend 10hr (one way) road trips, and lots of company.  This weekend we have plans to wind down, finally finish our dining table, and do some local exploring.  Cheers and here are my Friday favorites:

Kate's (of Wit & Delight) kitchen.....that rug!

This abstract art piece (via Elle Decor Spain)

and these links:

This made me laugh
This house is just stunning
Five amazing savory pumpkin and butternut squash recipes
Family-friendly vacation rental site
Another Fall treat to try
This artwork
An interview with Annie Sloan
A world record time for a half marathon by a six year old (wow).  Thoughts?
Finally there are affordable fiddle leaf fig trees
Last weekend, my brother visited with some friends for his Fall break- this recipe was a major hit
Prague in the Fall
How to paint Ikea furniture