Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Artist Feature: Eleni Hannula (PartII)

As mentioned yesterday, Eleni sent me some prints to style in my home.  It was an easy assignment, and one I would gladly take again.  I have had my eye on the rabbit and deer prints for R's room, so I knew exactly where to put them.  We made some hooks over the weekend so I could hang the rabbit with a vintage hanger.  I love the way it looks in her room.

I really enjoyed hearing from Eleni about the inspiration behind this series, especially the deer print.  The idea of rising above the chaos and turmoil that life brings and finding joy beyond your situations resonates with me and is something I want to pass on to my little girl.  It's a beautiful concept and illustration….definitely my favorite if I had to choose.

 The fox!  You're getting a bigger glimpse into our office here.  This room has been neglected as far as art is concerned, so this was my first thought for the fox. I also think that being surrounded by art inspires creativity, so it's an important piece for any work area.

I wish I could have dreams that resulted in beautiful artwork like Eleni.  Remember, you can find all of her prints here.  Thanks Eleni for sharing with us!