Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Abstract Painting

Remember Eleni's beautiful art from last week? Well, this is not like that (ha). While I had a ton of fun doing this, I'm the first to admit I'm no artist. I've always wanted to try my hand at abstract art and when I saw this canvas at half the normal price I couldn't pass it up. That was about a year ago. It has since moved with us from NY to IN, blank and untouched. Then it moved to our mantle and sat there for about six months before I had the guts to try my hand at it. Eleni told me years ago that she liked abstract art because you couldn't ruin it… could change it as many times as you wanted until you were happy with it….an evolution of sorts. That gave me some courage. So, now I give you my finished piece (Or not? I could see myself adding to it…). 
Ps. Remember me talking about our fireplace here? We've decided to wait on that until we put in hardwood floors.  Right now, I need some contrast against our beige carpet and white walls. The mantle also still needs to be styled…… such a work in progress, eh?


  1. Very impressive! Did you paint as you went or did you have an idea of what you wanted it to look like when you started?

    1. Thanks Caroline:). I knew that I wanted some bold black somewhere but that was all…..the beige/pink color on the bottom I originally thought was closer to white, so I decided to just stick with it.