Monday, March 24, 2014

Decorating with Posters

My current art kick has recently taken me on a poster search.  There's something about a poster that adds a different element than other art prints… makes a space more casual and it's less expected.  In the wrong room it can look cheap but in a nicely styled room it looks chic. Here are some of my current poster inspirations:

1. This simple poster adds color and a major touch of unexpected.  While I could imagine it being in a dingy hotel room, it totally looks great here and works in this space.
2. I love the natural element of this one, it's pretty classic yet begs for attention. 
3. A Vogue poster adds such a cool vibe.  It's bold and interesting.
4. The iconic Andy Warhol poster….enough said.
5. I always love a good Scandinavian monochromatic poster.


  1. love poster-sized feels so unexpected. i hope you find something awesome!

    1. Me too….and it can be so hard to find the perfect piece. I did find mine though, looking forward to sharing it soon:).