Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Favorites (and I'm still here)

  The past couple weeks have been extra busy for me, I've been juggling a few projects (with deadlines) and my brother, one of my most favorite people, has been in town and so I've decided to put all my attention there.  It was a good decision, and I'm excited to start sharing those projects here (you can also see glimpses of them on instagram).  Have a wonderful weekend!  And now for some of my recent favorites:    

Holly Becker's stunning dining room
This workspace
The most beautiful Ikea upgraded kitchen

and these links:

Makes me homesick for DC
To make laundry day a little more fun
Now I really want to go to Thailand
This looks delicious
Ultimate party supply guide
21 bucket list hotels
This house
Spring style essential
Made me laugh
Succulent cupcakes?!
This house tour