Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Favorites

My little girl turns two today, so I'll be spending my day doing all of her favorite things.  The other night after we had put her to bed and were looking at pictures and videos of her (because we miss her when she's sleeping….we are lame like that:), I told Red that just when I don't think I could love her more, I do.  It's something that has taken me by surprise, and I feel so incredibly blessed.  Happy weekend you guys!  And now….for some Friday favorites:
The room divider in this room
This bedroom makeover (make sure to take check out the entire bedroom, it's a beautiful transformation)

and these links:
This vase
Tips to making your denim last
These white Birkenstocks made me a follower (and I'm still shocked that I'm saying that)
This bedding
All of Rifle Paper Co's new wallpapers
This pretty apartment
Wallpaper removing tips
This Costa Rica rental
These stairs
5 pendants that will always work
This bedroom