Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015- A new year, a new baby, and some new thoughts for the coming year

I'm here, I promise! This Christmas was especially good to us, we welcomed our second girl into the family- Charlie (Charlotte) Paige. Like most parents of one kid, it was difficult for me to imagine loving another child as much as Reese, but it is truly amazing how my heart expanded in just an instant. Perhaps even more precious is watching the love Reese has for her little sister….a two and a half year old trying to soothe her baby sister may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. We have been mostly in survival mode as far as sleep is concerned, but it's truly been the happiest time. I feel like I am slowly getting back into everyday life, but am determined to take it easy and to just enjoy this time as I figure out life with two little ones. As I remember from my last time with a newborn- it goes too fast to sweat the small things. 

While I can't exactly say that I've spent the break thinking about the direction I want to take this here blog, it has been in the back of my mind for the past year. About a year and a half ago I received an email from an editor of a big magazine showing interest in sharing my home in print. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. We exchanged over fifty emails/pictures over the course of a year and a half and I was encouraged not to share too many pictures of my house on the blog or with any other sites. I do not mention that here to impress you, but rather to explain the lack of personal posts in regards to progress on the house. Though this possible magazine feature may still "be in the works" (after a year and a half, I'm having my doubts though), I've decided to just do my thing here regardless. I find this blog to be such a creative outlet, and that is more important to me than any possible "success". Last year I decided to blog less, and to do more quality posts….and I want to continue along that path. For me, that is the only way I can be the wife and mom I want to be, keep up with my responsibilities and other hobbies, AND keep up with this blog.  I also would like to talk more about things/issues that are important to me here, so that posts are not all decor and clothes (as much as I love them). Though I'm not the gifted writer I wish I was, a few thoughtful posts seems more true to who I am as a person. Lastly, I would like to turn my attention to (finally)starting an etsy shop this year. I have been running this idea over in my mind for a couple years now, and I feel this is the year to make the jump. So those are my thoughts on the future of RestlessOasis….now here is another one of my little Charlie:

Pictures of her nursery will be up Friday!