Thursday, March 12, 2015

For All Things Green

We are all overly ready for Spring I think, yes? Warmer weather has been flirting with us here in Indy….just when I think it's time to pack away our coats we get snow or icy rain (last week). So forgive me if I'm still holding my breath during this week of warmer temperatures. Regardless of whether or not it's here to stay, I'm in desperate need of some green in my life and I'm assuming you are too. So, here are some of my favorite vases/planters/terrariums from around the web. Me? Well, I'm off to my local green house for a playdate for Reese. Cheers!

1. Sambaya vase
2. Brass planter
3. Hanging ceramic planter
4. Glass vase
5. Ceramic pastel herringbone planter
6. Kabasa vase
7. Faceted Terrarium