Monday, December 14, 2015

Charlie's First and an Announcement

She blogs! It's sort of funny, really. When C accepted his new job that required intense training in DC (keeping him away from us during the week), I actually thought I would have TONS of free time on my hands (no cleaning my house since we are staying with my parents, minimal cooking!). Really though, this whole single mom thing that I've been doing Monday-Friday has been kicking me in the butt. Kudos to you single moms out there who don't even get a break on the weekend, I'm even more in awe of you than I was three months ago. Yes, we've been here for three months, and have just another two to go. Then we are moving to…..(wait for it)…..Boston!! Aside from the fact that we are moving to Boston in February (hmmm….timing?), we could not be more excited. Send any and all recommendations!
In the midst of all this craziness, my baby girl Charlie turned one this weekend. Such a mix of emotions, but mostly so incredibly in love with this girl and the joy she is to our family. My parents let me use their beautiful sunroom that was just completed last week for her party. I used my great grandmother's coconut cake recipe and went with a winter wonderland theme. This was the first birthday party where both sets of grandparents were present along with uncles and aunts and cousins. It was a sweet day. I was reminded how much I have missed creating and styling.
The precious birthday girl, I was surprised she kept the crown on!

Ps. Those edible pinecones (found on pinterest here) were super easy to make and I was so happy the way they turned out! That pretty milk glass cake stand is a family heirloom borrowed from my mother-in-law.