Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trend Alert- Linen Bedding

It's somewhat of an oxymoron- putting the words trend and linen together, but lately I've been seeing it everywhere.  We have owned our white linen duvet for about four years (it takes a break in hot summer months), and it's remains a purchase that I stand behind.  Like a lot of people, I have a tendency to get tired of pattern more quickly than I (or Connor)would like. So I use pillows for pattern and texture and while my simple white linen duvet stays put. We are currently in the middle of changing up our bedroom scheme, and I love that it's as simple as changing out some pillows. If I haven't sold you yet- our linen duvet gets softer with each wash, and looks best a little "wrinkled"- which is super ideal with little ones. (This is not an add, I just really like linen:).
 Here is our bedroom with it's linen duvet and old set up of pillows:
I also used linen bedding recently in designing my in-laws bedroom:
How beautiful is this set-up by Holly at Avenue Lifestyle? She is a master at using linen.
Below is one of my most favorite images (also from Holly), I love how she mixed different shades.
I don't naturally gravitate towards pink (in such a large scale), but I'm really loving this mauve linen. It feels more subtle.
Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Having a plywood moment

I'm continually impressed with plywood. It's extremely affordable, yet can be used in high design spaces. Since making our faux marble dining table from plywood, I've been scheming about other ways I plan to incorporate it in my home.

One of the main reasons I keep coming across plywood is because I've been looking for alternatives to Reese's twin bed…we painted the frame white before realizing that our three year old LOVES picking at painted furniture. Since painting the bed countless times (10 maybe?), I'm ready to give up….and I'm ok with that since I paid a measly $20 for the bed. I love this option below:
I love the black painted plywood backsplash with the brass faucet. 
I've seen a few plywood playhouses around the web, but how darling is this plywood wardrobe for a little girl or boy's room?