Thursday, June 16, 2016

House Update- Master Bedroom

I realized the other day that we have lived in our house for four months. Four Months! It's always interesting to me how time can hold still and just fly by at other points. For us, our time here in Boston has flown by. We have visited family in the midwest, friends in upstate NY, and my cousin and his wife in Connecticut. We've hosted three rounds of guests and explored the area.
And then, there's the unpacking and moving furniture….can I just say that we have probably moved furniture more than anyone ever should in a year? We've moved chairs and bookcases from room to room, upstairs to downstairs, trying to figure what works/looks best. In a lot of ways, I am still not feeling settled and am aware of all the areas that still need help- but my parents visited recently and kept commenting on how our home looks like we have been here for a long time, so that's worth something. The areas I'm mostly happy with are- the dining room, kitchen, balcony, and living room…..the areas that could use most help are the bedrooms and playroom. Our master bedroom is probably the better out of the bunch. I thought I would share some progress shots and what I hope to accomplish.

My Fiddle Leaf has gotten huge! So much that when we moved to Boston we couldn't fit it in our car and had to leave it with my parents. My in-laws recently brought it up,(in their prius no less!), and it makes our bedroom come to life. This painting- I don't think I'm finished with it yet, so that's on the list. 
This mirror was backordered, then arrived broken, and then was backordered again. Today I'm very happy to have a mirror in our bedroom. I've realized over the past few months how important it is after having a few rounds of company and only a bathroom mirror. Here you can also see that my dresser and the wall are the exact same color- that has to change. 
My nightstand. I'm not super satisfied with what I have going on right here- I would love to get some lighting, switch out that fan, and the styling needs help. 

What you aren't seeing is my built-in bookcase (above the radiator) that has become a catch-all for anything and everything I don't want the girls getting into. That needs help. Also- Connor's dresser is looking a little sad and neglected next to the doorway. So that's it! More later.