Thursday, January 19, 2017

Year 2017

I feel like just the mention of New Years resolutions evokes one of two responses- the eye roll or  an eager "me too!". As a goal oriented person, I fall in the latter group. Like every year, I quickly came up with a list of things I want to do this year and skills I want to improve on. But, there were a couple of different things that I have been wrestling with over the past few months, that finally made their way to paper, and I thought I would share them with you:

1. Read 1 book/month. Reading for me is the quickest thing to be dropped when life gets crazy, but I think this is a manageable goal. I'm almost finished with this months book and couldn't recommend it more.

2. Learn calligraphy and/or hand lettering.

3. Choose peace over the to-do list. I'm one of those people who loves lists. I love checking things off and that feeling of accomplishment after a long day of work. It's a gift (oh hey, hard worker), but it also has a negative side. I have a tendency to not ask for help when I should, and push myself (and my sanity) to get things done. This needs to stop. I'd rather be a person at peace with life than a frazzled one who has accomplished everything on her list. When I'm exhausted and I need to recharge and there's a messy room begging for my attention- I'm hoping I'll start choosing to close the door to that room.... and then make some tea and find a clean corner to recharge (because who can recharge in a messy one?).

4. Check social media no more than once a day, then LOG OUT.  Ok, so I really wrestled with this one. On one hand as a blogger/interior stylist, I feel like instagram is more than a hobby. I use it to get a feel for what's current in the design world, to get inspiration, and as a creative art form.
  But, I've noticed this tendency to check it when I shouldn't, to glance down at my phone when I get a notification rather than making eye contact with my daughters or Connor, and I don't like it. I've been thinking about what those seemingly small actions say to my family/friends, and how I want my girls to use social media as they grow up.
  I've also been thinking about time, and how I want to use the precious time I have. It seems to me that we all have a choice with how we use our time. How much time am I willing to give to social media?
  I listened to this ted talk recently, and it really got me thinking about how social media (instagram mainly) can both spur on creativity and kill it. When we don't allow silence in our lives, when we don't live in the moment, when we don't allow our minds to wander, we will not only miss out on connections with people, but we will also miss out on ideas and creative endeavors.

5. Add a new DIY series for the blog.  In this day of being bombarded with wish-lists and must-have lists in our inboxes and popping up on instagram, it's easy to feel that good design automatically comes with a hefty price tag. I'd like to get back to the basics, and create beautiful things that are more about creativity than money.


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  1. Great post, Heather. I especially love the Ted Talk. I had been thinking for awhile now about my use of social media and the need to curb the amount of time I spend checking FB/Instagram, etc. I'm motivated to try my hand at just checking in twice a day!