Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Spring Cleaning- Free Label Printables

Hey there! Pardon the radio silence over here, we've just been hit with sickness from every direction. I've been focusing any remaining energy I have on client projects, hosting company, and trying to get my house back in order. This past week, I suddenly got the urge to clean everything.......walls included. There's still more things to check off on that spring cleaning list, because midway through, I decided to create my own cleaning labels (because what's more motivating than cleaning with pretty bottles and labels?).  In case you are lacking in the motivation department, I thought I would share these free printable with you. My multi-purpose cleaner is still a combination of vinegar and water (50/50), but this time I added some lavender essential oil for the smell. It took me forever to join the essential oil club because I was skeptical that it could mask the strong vinegar smell, but it only took 5 drops to completely mask the smell.....I was super impressed. Now I want to try other combinations. I bought these amber bottles - one for the kitchen, and one for a shower spray.  I already use these bottles in my kitchen for dish and hand soap.

Before printing, I scaled the label to 27% which was the perfect size for this 2 in. label.  I first printed the label on paper so I could see where to tape the label onto the paper, then I ran it through the printer again.  Here is the dish soap, hand soap, and multi-purpose cleaner labels.

Ps. Here's an old list of natural cleaning tricks I use. Happy cleaning!


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