Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Layer by Layer

Most of us are forced to decorate layer by layer due to the fact that we don't have unlimited funds. I was thinking today how glad I am for this. If I had been given unlimited funds when Red and I were first married I would have bought: all black furniture, matching lamps, matching chairs and then a year later I would have replaced all the black furniture with all reclaimed wood furniture. What's wrong with this? Nothing is wrong individually, but big picture there's no dimension to this room. Homes that most of us are drawn to do not look like the showrooms we see in furniture stores. The beautiful rooms on pinterest and in magazines have multiple layers that are all brought together to make a room interesting and cozy. Limited funds force us to think carefully about the next layer, or "investment piece".
Take this (knock-off) Eames Rocker for example:
Our current home is old and the rooms are small. Our couch and loveseat would not fit comfortably in the same room, so we just have our couch in the living room. This means that when we entertain there's limited seating, so we were on the lookout for a small chair. This rocker fit the bill because we also knew we wanted to have kids and would want a rocker someday that didn't look too "baby". This was the perfect solution for us.....extra seating for now, a rocker for our baby on the way, and fulfilling my current Eames obsession = investment piece (investment piece is not necessarily expensive but something you will love/use years down the road). Having this rocker also helps me to evaluate, "Do I want Eames chairs for our dining room, or will this rocker fill that void ?".
Ps. I know knock-off Eames is a bit of a controversial issue, but when funds don't allow for the real deal, I have no problem with knock-offs.