Saturday, February 18, 2012

She's Back

Hey guys, I'm back! And where have I been? Basically, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and felt that I could either do a few things really well or nothing well at all. So, I took a much needed furlough from blogging. It gave me time to prioritize and decide where I want to take RestlessOasis. Here's the conclusion I came to- I still plan on blogging regularly but I'm NOT 1.Giving myself deadlines 2.Meeting a minimum quota of posts per week 3.Limiting myself to only design. I want RestlessOasis to be my creative fun place and not a part time job.
That said, I have missed this place. One of the things I felt I had neglected because of blogging was photography. I love photography and I'm definitely in the beginner learning stages. Instead of choosing between the two, I hope to incorporate what I'm learning with RestlessOasis. In other news, I'm pregnant with a baby girl (!!!) and I was super sick for a while. That definitely sapped my creative juices. It's nice to feel like "me" again and Red & I couldn't be more excited about our new season of life. You might occasionally get posts related to baby things, but I PROMISE you this won't become a baby blog:). Lastly, I have tried to keep my personal training job separate from RestlessOasis, but I've decided every now and then you might get fitness tips/recipes because this is after all a big part of my life. Instead of having so many different pockets of my life, why not combine it some? That's my thinking at least. I hope this only serves to improve RestlessOasis as I'm being more "true to myself" for lack of better words.
In one word, January was COLD. Not only did I experience negative temperatures for the first time, but experienced -24 degrees. Yes, cold.
Also, Geronimo discovered that he loved snow.

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  1. Awww...Yay! I'm glad you are feeling back to yourself! Also, I would love to hear about photography, fitness, recipes, and baby stuff! All these things I love too!