Monday, March 12, 2012


I headed across the border this weekend to do some exploring in Toronto with a friend. I used Jacquelyn's various city guides so we could optimize on our time there. They did not disappoint! Our only mission was to find a rug for my friend's new place. We accomplished that early on (that never happens) and really got to enjoy the city. We explored numerous antique and thrift stores, and then treated ourselves to macaroons at Nadege and poutine at Poutini's. For those of you who have no idea what poutine is- it's a Canadian specialty consisting of fries, gravy, and (squeaky) cheese curds. Yes, it's horribly unhealthy for you, but also a must try since it's unique to Canada (it originated in Quebec). I first tried it during our trip to Quebec last fall (and did not care for it) but felt my friend needed to try it, so we made a point to head to Poutini's. I'm glad I tried it a second time, because it made a difference having it at cafe that specialized in it. I still can only handle a few bites, but now I understand a little more what all the rage is.
* Water and treat dishes next to a park bench for any dogs walking by, isn't that sweet?