Friday, September 14, 2012

Mini-Project/Mini-Bathroom Makeover

I have been slowly working at this bathroom off and on since last Fall when I wrote about my driftwood mirror here.  Since then, I changed out our hand towels and shower curtain, organized our bathroom items, and finally finished it off with this latest chalkboard wall piece.  Being renters, I wasn't willing to change out the light fixtures (as much as I want to) or anything else that we wouldn't necessarily use in our next home.  I love having a place where Red and I can write funny quotes/inside jokes, Bible verses, or notes to each other.  It's nice to wake up to.    

This was super easy.....I just used this shaved off piece of a tree stump (you could either do this yourself or do what I did and buy one for $8 at Michaels).  Then just after a couple coats of chalkboard're done!