Monday, March 4, 2013

In Limbo

Hello!  Besides the fact that I've been gone for the past few may notice that RestlessOasis has received a nice face lift.  I have been putting off updating the blog for sometime, and could not ignore it any longer (especially since I made it a New Years resolution).  I felt that a new blog design was required for this new stage of life my family is embarking on......this non-army life.  You heard right- after fulfilling his military commitment, Red will be joining the civilian world in a couple weeks.  We are SO excited about opening this new feels strange and thrilling to not be told where to live.  Hopefully that explains my absence on here- we have been in limbo.  I did not want to start any projects with a pending move, and felt only inspired to pack a few boxes.  Now that we have some clear direction, I feel ready to come back.  I've missed this space!