Thursday, April 18, 2013

House Tour: Meet Laura

Laura and I originally met in Oklahoma about two years ago while our husbands were attending a military school.  From there, we discovered that not only did we share a lot of common interests, but that both of our husbands were being stationed in upstate New York.  We ended up living in the same neighborhood in a quaint harbor town off base, and eventually we shared a back yard.  Besides having impeccable taste and an eye for detail, Laura is a champion at sourcing- whether it's household items, clothing, or accessories.  She's the girl who will find that Anthropologie rug at a fraction of the cost.  I'm going to miss this friend and our walks to the village coffee shop and sharing our craigslist finds (much to our husband's chagrin).     
Ps. As we are packing/moving and without Internet, I'm signing off until next week.      

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  1. Wow, that looks like it came out of a magazine! I think you know someone has a true gift for decorating/design when they can make things look beautiful and classy even on a tight budget.