Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekend in the City

I almost cancelled this post.....it didn't seem appropriate in regards to the Boston bombings.  But, as I was looking through our pictures, no other post seemed more appropriate than one with photos of the statue of liberty and the Freedom Tower.  My heart is broken for the victims and their families from this weekends tragedies.  I have been fighting back tears on and off ever since I first heard the horrible news.  I'm so grateful that good outweighs bad, and that for all the hate in this world there is more love and compassion.  My prayers are with you Boston.    

  I don't think I've mentioned it here, but Red's been gone for the past month training for his new job.  His company has been kind enough to fly him back on the weekends, except this past weekend due to a shorter work week.  So, when Red suggested that I make the 5.5 hour drive down to New Jersey, so we could spend the weekend together in the city, I jumped at the chance.  I definitely questioned my sanity when our trip began with hail and heavy rain Friday morning and I arrived at the kennel drenched with a wet dog and child.  But my little girl and I missed Red, and what better way to spend our last real weekend in NY then all together in the city?
Above: the Freedom Tower
Below: On the Brooklyn Bridge, and me wrestling my little wiggle worm for a picture (keeping it real)
Not pictured is the gelato and the French Macaroons that we scarfed down.....but I like to think the 12 miles we walked took care of that.