Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

This bright and cheery dining area
This calming space and it's beautiful floors
This art filled workspace

and these links:

This quirky studio
How sweet is this?
Audrey Hepburn "alive again"
Magical little girl photos
This house tour
Pretty Hangers
Homemade soaps
This DIY plant stand
Love these illustrations
Sweet tooth anyone?
DIY Danish shelving
Love this idea for an Easter table setting

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Words I can get behind (Part I)

As much as I love art prints that use typography, it's not so frequent that I find pieces that I love.  Usually either the words or the style of typography is off….dare I say bad. Maybe I over think it (very possible), but I want words that are hung up in my house to be something I can really get behind, whether it's inspirational, sweet, or silly.  It also needs to be a pretty piece of art.  Here are some pieces that meet both of those qualifications.
  Ps. If you follow me on instagram, you will know that I recently got the first art piece below….such a good reminder that your outlook is a choice.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Decorating with Posters

My current art kick has recently taken me on a poster search.  There's something about a poster that adds a different element than other art prints… makes a space more casual and it's less expected.  In the wrong room it can look cheap but in a nicely styled room it looks chic. Here are some of my current poster inspirations:

1. This simple poster adds color and a major touch of unexpected.  While I could imagine it being in a dingy hotel room, it totally looks great here and works in this space.
2. I love the natural element of this one, it's pretty classic yet begs for attention. 
3. A Vogue poster adds such a cool vibe.  It's bold and interesting.
4. The iconic Andy Warhol poster….enough said.
5. I always love a good Scandinavian monochromatic poster.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Life lately (according to my phone) and some Friday Favorite

If you follow me on instagram, some of these photos may look familiar. If not, here's what I've been up to lately... have a wonderful Spring weekend!

  Yesterday was the official first day of Spring
We spent St. Patrick's day in Chicago….I was surprised at how green they were able to make the water, it was even pretty.
Playing with patterns
My brother visited and we played tourists
I found this gem of a rug
Finally got my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Ikea)
My little girl's sense of wonder with the snow.  I let her stand out the door for a few seconds in her boots and she was completely satisfied.

 and these are my favorites:

 I'm loving Naomi's collaboration with Lauren Moffat
This could make a fun DIY
Another one of my favorite bloggers is doing a collaboration with Target
DIY stamps for the kiddos while it's still cold out
Love this wallpaper roundup
Morocco has always been on my travel list…..Samantha's posts are just moving it higher
Love all of these weekend projects
This lovely Berlin home
Love the rich blue from Toast's cookbook
Spray painted Homecrest chairs (I love mine the way it is, but still intriguing)
This house tour

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Copper Pendant

Have you guys ever noticed a trend in your pins on pinterest?  Well according to my pins, this copper pendant has been catching my eye as of late.  Maybe it's because lighting has been on my mind, but when I caught another glimpse of it over on Sarah Yates living room reveal, I decided it was worthy of a post.  It really is beautiful, is it not?   

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Dining Room Update

The dining room has made a ton of progress since this post.  Originally, I had wanted to stain the table darker to make it look old, but the more I looked at stains and did research it seemed that new tables stained to look old really just looked like new tables trying to look old.  I'm sure there are some amazing concoctions out there, but in the end I felt that the natural look was best for me.  So, we simply did a couple coats of a low-sheen poly to seal it.  I was very happy with the outcome.  We have also built the bench AND (drumroll please) bought our head dining chairs. While I love all of our craigslist and thrift store finds (which honestly is about 3/4 of our house), this was the first time I've picked out and purchased dining chairs from a store, and it was very exciting to say the least.  I've had my eye on these guys for a couple years now, and I'm still surprised when I walk by them that they are in my house.  I'm going to do a dining room "reveal" down the road, but for now here is another sneak peak.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Favorites (and I'm still here)

  The past couple weeks have been extra busy for me, I've been juggling a few projects (with deadlines) and my brother, one of my most favorite people, has been in town and so I've decided to put all my attention there.  It was a good decision, and I'm excited to start sharing those projects here (you can also see glimpses of them on instagram).  Have a wonderful weekend!  And now for some of my recent favorites:    

Holly Becker's stunning dining room
This workspace
The most beautiful Ikea upgraded kitchen

and these links:

Makes me homesick for DC
To make laundry day a little more fun
Now I really want to go to Thailand
This looks delicious
Ultimate party supply guide
21 bucket list hotels
This house
Spring style essential
Made me laugh
Succulent cupcakes?!
This house tour

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Art in Five Minutes

When Red was deployed to Iraq for a year, I wrote him daily.  He wasn't able to write as often, because he put in a lot of long hours (and that's no exaggeration...18 hour days with no days off!). However, when I did get a letter from him….it made my month. I would save it for bed and read it over and over again, it felt so wonderful to hold something that he had recently touched. Anyways, I once saw a letter that was enlarged to poster size and framed. I loved the idea….minus the fact that I'm way to private to do that with a personal note from Red. So, the idea came to me to scan one of the envelopes from our correspondence and enlarge it for framing. I used some textured paper from my local craft store, and was pleased with how it turned out. I love that the envelope has the APO address with the "free mail" stamp that I remember looking for in the mail. These envelopes were (and are) so precious to me, and when I look at this "art piece" I am reminded of that year a part, and how blessed we are to be doing life together.  

                   You could also do it with a letter that isn't too personal for framing, such as this: