Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Big Girl Beds…..

 I promise the blog isn't turning into a children's decor blog……but with our new girl on the way, kid things have been very much on my mind lately. Reese is currently sleeping in her crib that we converted into a toddler bed a few months ago, but we will need it to be a crib again for our new baby.  Do we buy a toddler bed?  Do we just move Reese to the guest bed and not buy a bed at all?  Do we buy a daybed that we could eventually use elsewhere in the house?  These are all thoughts that have been running through my head. First conclusion we came to is that we want to keep the guest bed a guest bed……I love hosting out of town friends and family and don't want to have to kick Reese out of her bed/routine when we do.  We also decided that we did not want to buy a toddler bed, and that we wanted something that could last for years. In the end, a twin bed seems like the best option for us…but easier said than done!  
1.  Like many of you, budget aside, the Oeuf bed is my first choice.  I love it's clean lines, and it's timeless enough for her to grow up with it.  The main issue is that's a lot of money to plunk down for a two year old's bed…..will we like it in 10 years?  Will she ruin it?  Maybe….  
2. After doing a ton of research, it seemed that Ikea was our only cheaper option for buying a brand new bed.  I saw nice beds for the $500-$600 price range, but at that cost I'd prefer to buy the one I really love (Oeuf) or buy one for cheap.  This Ikea bed was my favorite, I like the clean lines and the fact that it extends.
3. The third option is Craigslist, which is also luck of the draw.  I have seen a ton of awesome brass beds like the one below. The only problem is that they are a little too similar to our metal guest bed.  Wooden twin beds on craigslist are tricky, most of them are too traditional for my taste.  

How about you guys?  Any other options?  I'm not going to lie, the thought of making our own bed has crossed my mind…..

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  1. The Oeuf bed is cool but the price tag is pretty steep, even for Gana. I like the Ikea bed and the way it extends. You have a knack for getting great finds on Craigslist and making them work beautifully in your home. Can't wait to see what you come up with!