Monday, November 10, 2014

Black Fireplaces

Recently I've been entertaining the idea of painting our fireplace black. I'm not sure why I haven't considered it before…if you remember this post a while back, I think I was so fixed on having a white brick fireplace that it never occurred to me to paint it black. I still love a white brick(floor to ceiling please!) fireplace, but unless we are planning on getting hardwood floors (I wish, but the beige carpet will have to do) anytime soon, there simply is not enough contrast or character in our living room. Now, for the nerve wrecking part- painting over brick. I can still hear the disapproval from the guy at Home Depot eight years ago when I told him I was painting our used dining table and chairs black. I never regretted that decision, but for some reason painting over wood or brick still makes me nervous. I don't think the brick in our fireplace is particularly beautiful, so that helps in the decision making process. I could also use another project to keep my mind off of my nearing due date:). Here are my top inspirations for the job….thoughts?