Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Swoon Worthy Ceramics

To this day, one of my favorite wedding gifts was a blue bowl that one of my friends made for me. It's moved from the kitchen to the living room, and then to my bedroom over the years. One of the reasons I love ceramics (aside from their versatility), is how practical they are as a piece of art. Recently I spent some time scouring the web for ceramics for my client/in-laws bedroom re-design, and I stumbled across some of the most beautiful pieces. I thought I would share some of my favorites here with you.
1. BTW Ceramics . The below pitcher and tumblers are on my wish list, and pretty much anything else from Brooke's shop.
2. Bean & Bailey. I especially love all the faceted pieces.
3. The marbled bowls from One and Many make me stop in my tracks
4. How cool are these ceramic baskets from Giselle Hick's shop?
5. These indigo tumblers from Studio Joo
6. EVERYTHING from Studio Lenneke Wispelwey 

Monday, January 11, 2016


So. We sold our couch in September the week we found out we were moving (it was a 9 year old ikea couch) and though I was oddly sentimental about it, we didn't think the couch would make it through another move. Because anything with an ikea label sells like hot cakes in Indianapolis (the closest Ikea is 2.5 hrs away), it made the most sense to sell it before our move to Boston. Now that our move to Boston is fast approaching(5 weeks!), it just occurred to me that I need to figure out the couch situation for the new place. Your input is appreciated!

I like the idea of a leather couch for practical reasons (hello kids). 
Then there's the question of tan or black. I always lean towards black over brown, but in this case I'm torn. The tan leather is more classic and versatile.
Then there's this couch. I was immediately drawn to it's lines. My main issue here is that all of my living room chairs are pretty much the same color…..
This blue couch. But will I get tired of it?
Then there's the sectional

What's your vote?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A year in Review

I'm one of those people who genuinely loves looking back over the past year, and picking out highlights. Though we did a few smaller trips, this was not a huge year of travel for us. And even though I was ambitious last January, this year was not the year I got an etsy shop up and running. But what I did do this year was something I'm proud of- I did my very best in all aspects of life and when that wasn't enough, I did not fight it. It did not steal my joy. I guess you would call that a year of personal growth? I felt real contentment this year with the imperfect. I did not cook as many meals, do as many projects, run as many miles, or blog as much as I would have liked…….but this year I found myself much more "ok" with my shortcomings than I have in years passed. I found myself letting those things slide off my back while I snuggled with my girls, and spent quality time with Connor. 
This coming year, we have more travel plans than we did last year, and I'm hoping to find more time to blog…..but above those things, I want more of the contentment I took away from this past year. That said, here are some of my favorite memories from 2015, the highlight reel if you will(shortcomings not pictured). 

Our newborn, Charlie
I shared her finished nursery on the blog
I finally finished my reading nook
Watercolored Easter eggs
I shared my entryway and abstract wall mural with you all
Reese's third "let's go fly a kite" birthday
The beach
A trip to Nashville
NYC with our best buds
Exploring DC with my friend Julie
Halloween brought us Miss Clavel and Madeline 
We ended the year celebrating Charlie's first birthday