Monday, March 14, 2016

Faux Marble Makeover

Finding our Boston apartment was little more than a miracle- we had one day to find it, it was a perfectly located close to Red's work in the city, a decent price (for Boston- it's all relative really), and more square footage than we had hoped to find. Not to mention- it is a super charming home with built in cabinets, beautiful wood floors, and detailed ceilings. One of the only things I wasn't crazy about in the house was the blue countertops. Royal blue to be exact. As renters though, you learn to focus on all the good and then just deal with the bad. Last week, Kirsten from Simply Grove posted about her faux marble countertops (and how they are going strong after a year and a half of use) and I knew I had to try them. This simple DIY cost me around $20, and I can easily remove it when we move. Aside from looking 1000x better, it also brightens up our entire kitchen.
Here is the before picture:
The after:

HUGE difference, right? I still can't believe it. I will say that applying windex to the surface before applying the marble adhesive made the world of difference. So please save yourself the frustration and do that first so as to avoid air bubbles. You can purchase your marble adhesive here


  1. No way! That looks incredible! Was it hard to match the seams? I'm really intrigued. Our home has really hideous green counters but since it's a large kitchen, it will cost a small fortune to replace them and I have never wanted to shell out major $$ since it's a pretty modest home. I painted the cabinets and saw a counter paint. Curious if you could compare or have tried that as well. Thanks! :) -C

    1. Once I learned the trick of applying windex beforehand, it was so much easier to apply. If you look closely you can tell where the seams meet, but the marble is very forgiving. I have not tried counter paint, but I've seen where people do concrete countertops and have always been intrigued by that! Good luck!