Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Modern Bohemian

The modern bohemian design trend has been here a while and has no plans on going anywhere. I think it's because it appeals to so many different types of people. How do you blend two seemingly opposite styles?  For the purpose of today's post, I'm going to pretend that we are talking about two roommates or two spouses trying to cohesively blend this modern and bohemian styles. Here are my five tips to achieve this look:
1. Modern furniture with a few bohemian accent pieces. For example- bring in a modern table and pair it with a more bohemian light fixture or an eclectic accent chair. In my experience, the hippie lover just wants to be represented. They generally don't need every piece to reflect their bohemian style. The person who loves minimal design with it's clean lines will probably be a little more particular about larger pieces of furniture. 
2. Along those lines, the minimal mid century lover will tend towards less pillows with less pattern, but I have found that they are willing to give on this if they get furniture with clean lines. For example- a modern couch or bed paired with eclectic pillows = everyone's happy.
2. Leather, rustic wood, rope, or Rattan, rattan, rattan. All of these materials give off a bohemian vibe, but depending on the piece, can also bring a modern element.
4. Plants - almost no one objects to bringing in plants. They are just an all around win.
5. Color! Not always, but a lot of times mid century lovers shy away from color....they love their walnut brown. By bringing in colored accents or walls, it can make the hippy lover happy while keeping the main pieces of furniture modern/mid century. Emily Henderson is a genius at this.

1/2/3 (do not have the source for this one, would love to give credit if anyone knows)/4/5