Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bookcase Ramblings

Hey there!  Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!  We originally had plans to go explore a local swimming quarry, but since we just got back from a vacation of exploring we decided it was time to roll up our sleeves and get some things done around the house.  Most of our projects were anything but exciting- painting a hallway, hanging more things up (it's taking us long enough), and organizing house things.  But, I am excited that we finally finished making a bookcase for the office.  This has been a long time coming- since I decided to sell all of our old bookcases, our books have been in piles on the floor of our guest room.  Part of the problem was not having any clear direction.....let me share the process with you (and hopefully it won't bore you too much).

It started out with me liking a bookcase with doors, such as this one below.  I liked the idea of "hiding" our ugly books.  Red really wanted an open bookcase though, so this got scratched.
Then there was this industrial bookcase.  Though I liked it, I was feeling less excited as I have seen tons of pictures of this DIY all over the web.  I wanted something a little more original, and Red really hated the idea of building a bookcase into our walls (for re-sell purposes).
Then I saw this one over at World Market.  It's pretty classic and we both liked it, but neither of us wanted to put our money towards a bookcase when we need things like chairs for our living and dining rooms.  Besides, I really wanted to come up with a DIY for our bookcase.
Then, I fell in love with this one from the Design Files.  It was just the perfect amount of color for me, but Red again wasn't crazy about it....and it is his office (he works from home a decent amount), so his opinion is even more important here.  Then, I had no ideas for a while........
Then I saw this one from Kirsten of Simply Grove's office, we both liked it but I still wanted to adapt it to bring in some old world charm (you know me).

So, I'm going to leave you hanging for a little bit with what bookcase we actually decided on and finished as of last night at 11pm.  Cheers!